Dear Guest, welcome at the Anna House in Kovászna / Covasna!

You might have seen many beautiful landscapes in your journey through Hungary to reach the eastern border of Transylvania. This homepage will help you return to your place with unforgettable experiences and tell others the wonders of Transylvania and its people, the Székely, and about their love and respect in receiving their Hungarian brothers. Open your heart for them and make them friends forever. If you manage to understand their way of life and their daily problems and joys, they will accept you and the landscape and its people will draw you back and make you return, like many others that year after year come back to find their peace of mind at the hills of the Southern Carpathians. As soon as you set chatting with locals, you will have the feeling of knowing them for long. So grab your backpack, set to explore the pinewoods and forget your home problems for a short while.  There is no pill or capsule that could replace this peace, quietness and clean air.  Relax.  Visit the historical places that make an unbreakable tie between this land and Hungary.  Take home some small souvenir to recall the splendid days you will spend here, the friendship and kindness of Hungarian people here.  Tell local people if you have a great time.  Praise them – it will make them happy.  Let them be proud of their motherland, their honour, their condition of being Hungarians.  Tell them a few good words – for sure you will have reasons – and they will never forget you.

Enjoy your time, find new friends and revive.

Tibor Bodri & Károly Hegyeli