Kézdivásárhely/Târgu Secuiesc


Leaving Kovászna there is a sign showing to turn in direction to Kézdivásárhely. We turn left when arriving at the cross section to Komandó. The first village is Zabola. A famous building was in this village the Tamás Basa mansion that regretfully does not exist anymore. In the Mikes castle of Zabola was born Imre Milcó (1805-1876), statesman, scientist, culture politician, writer, one of the founders of the Associations of Transylvanian Museums and the Székely Milkó College, the “Széchenyi” of Transylvania. In addition to the Mikes castle, the other important historic monument of Zabola is the Reformation temple and castle that belonged to the Catholic Church until 1607. Crossing Imecsfalva (Imeni) and Szentkatolna (Catalina) you reach Kézdivásárhely with a 20 km drive. Either the way there or the way back between Szentkatolna and Zabola you find a bifurcation to Gelence (Ghelinta). In the catholic church of Lelence, built in 1245 you find some mural paintings representing St. Ladislaus.
There are plenty of parking lots in the main square at the downtown of Kézdivásárhely and all the things to see are close enough. The statue of Áron Gábor, work of sculptor Sándor Oláh, was erected in the centre of the square in 1971. Walk around the square. At the northern part you find the Museum of Handicrafts, with a nice collection of old artisanal tools, instruments, flags and arcs. A few meters away from the entrance of the museum, in a small workshop you can see the wood carvings József Tolvaj, who carved every known profession into wood. He is warm-hearted and cheap. On the opposite side of the square you find the town hall and some shops. There is an ATM operating in the bank building. Turn back to the southern part, to the roundabout – there is a tiny restaurant at the ground floor of the building.