Kommandó is a small village located at the southeast part of Kovászna county. Departing from Kovászna town, you face a journey of some 20 km and an altitude difference of 400 m. This village is located in a kind of valley basin, at the intersection of the Kupan, Toplica and Rozsdás brooks heading towards the Nagy-Baszka valley.
It is the highest point of the historical Háromszék (Three Chairs) and the current Kovászna county (1071 m). This villages is the point of departure of several forest trails in the Háromszék alps. This highest point in this region is Lakóca, with its 1776 m, housing a meteorology station, some four hours walk from Kommandó. The Lakóca summit and the weather station are the most visited and best known spots in this area.